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Biological Waste

VEHS does not collect biological waste.   

Biological waste collection services are provided by three different departments; the department you should contact for this service depends on your location.

Hospitals & Clinics

Biological waste collection services for the Hospital and Clinics are provided by VUMC Environmental Services.

School of Medicine

Biological waste collection services for laboratories in the School of Medicine are provided by VU School of Medicine Facilities & Operations. They can be contacted by phone at 322-6107, and their office is located in 114 Light Hall.

VU Central Campus Biological Waste Disposal

Biological waste (other than liquids and most pathological wastes) generated in Arts & Science and School of Engineering labs located on the University campus is picked up, treated and disposed of through a medical waste contractor. Labs using this contractor must have personnel who have completed regulated medical waste training as required by the Department of Transportation available for monitoring of waste containers and signing of shipping papers. (This training is offered periodically through VEHS Biosafety. Contact Robin Trundy or Richard DiTullio for training information.) Departmental contacts for establishing lab pickups can be found in the Vanderbilt University Lab Guide: Using Stericycle for Biowaste Removal, Treatment & Disposal .  

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