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The VandySafe Annual Training Profile for VUMC Staff

The 2013-2014 VandySafe Annual Training Profile is available now through April 2014.

The VUMC Staff Annual Training Profile automatically assigns the training you need based on your responses to questions about your work.  Review the VUMC Annual Requirements for Staff and ask your supervisor if you are not sure which requirements you need.

To complete your Profile

  1. Log on at
  2. Click on VUMC Staff - Complete your 2012-2013 Annual Training Profile.
  3. Answer the questions in the training profile survey.
  4. Once you complete the survey, training you need will be available within a few minutes on your VandySafe Home page where your Current Training is listed. 
  5. Everyone who completed the profile will receive the " Universal Safety " course, even if they respond "no" to every question.

Questions asked in the Profile

"Yes" answers to the following questions will cause you to receive appropriate required training.

  1. Do you have direct contact with patients or blood & body fluid? (Select "yes" if you need bloodborne pathogen training.)
    • Responding "Yes" will assign both the Patient Contact or Blood & Body Fluid Contact Course and the Recognition of Patient Abuse and Neglect Lesson. 
  2. Do you work in a clinical or research laboratory? (This does include bloodborne pathogen training for lab personnel. This does NOT apply to "Point of Care" testing.)
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Laboratory Safety Course.
  3. Do you work with x-ray machines?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the X-Ray Safety lesson.
  4. Do you work with radioactive materials?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Radioactive Material Annual training lesson.
  5. Do you provide care for radiation therapy patients?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Caring for Radiation Therapy Patients training lesson.
  6. Do you care for patients who receive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans, transport patients to an MRI scanner, order MRI scans, or work near MRI machines?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety lesson.
  7. Do you perform or assist with clinical procedures that use lasers?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Laser Safety in Clinical Settings lesson.
  8. Do you use Cidex OPA to perform high-level disinfection?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the High Level Disinfection (Cidex OPA) lesson.
  9. Do you use glutaraldehyde-containing products (such as Cidex, Wavicide, or Rapicide) to perform high-level disinfection?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the High Level Disinfection (Cidex, Wavicide or Rapicide - products that contain glutaraldehyde) lesson.
  10. Do you ever access a patient's Central Venous Catheter (CVC), such as for the collection of laboratory specimens or to deliver medications?  Do you insert, help maintain, and/or remove any type of CVC?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Infection Prevention: Central Venous Catheters (CVC) lesson.
  11. Do you use and/or help maintain the Pneumatic Tube System on the main VUMC campus?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Pneumatic Tube System Safety lesson.
  12. Do you work with, inventory or manage personnel who work with powered Medical Equipment? Medical equipment is used to treat, diagnose or monitor patients.
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Medical Equipment Management & Safety lesson.
  13. Do you work in an in-patient unit, ambulatory surgical center, or where there is a medical gas zone valve or alarm panel?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Medical Gas Safety & Emergency Response for System Failures lesson.
  14. Do you provide direct patient care?
    • Responding "Yes" will assign the Health Care Worker Fatigue and Patient Safety Lesson for VUMC Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about the VandySafe Profile

How can I get training assigned to me that is not mentioned in the VandySafe Profile?

Send an email message to and ask to have the training assigned to you. 

How can I add more training after I have already completed my Profile?

If you need to add additional training within the current training assignment period (July - June of the following year), send a message to and ask to have the VUMC Staff Annual Training Profile re-assigned. After you receive confirmation that the Profile has been re-assigned, log back in to and answer the questions again. 

IMPORTANT:  When you retake the Profile, only respond "yes" to the questions for training assignments you do not already have.  Every time you take the profile and say "yes" to a question, you will get another training assignment for that topic.  If you receive a duplicate assignment, you only need to complete it one time and can ignore a duplicate assignment unless your supervisor instructs you to complete that training assignment again..

I am a supervisor.  How can I make sure that my staff is assigned training on a specific topic no matter what they answer on their Profile?

Send an email message to to request a group assignment.  Include the training topic and names and VUNet IDs for all of your staff who need the training. 

I am responsible for training in my department.  How can I get access to run completion status reports for my staff in VandySafe?

Download this form (Microsoft Word DOT or Adobe Acrobat PDF file format) to request access.  Send a message to if you have questions about this form.

updated 7/26/2013